As a marketing strategist and C.E.O. I have had the opportunity to speak to many audiences of every size, the chance to write articles for the Huffington Post, Six Figure Coach and Authority Magazine. Author an International Best Selling book and featured or quoted in dozens of magazines, newspapers, radio and podcasts.

Speaking topics:

  1. How to Strategically Grow Your Business Connections On LinkedIn.
  2. How to find 50k and upwards…of hidden revenue for businesses.
  3. How to find your perfect customers online.


Copy and paste bio (edit as needed):

Jess Tiffany is an author, speaker, strategist, and marketing consultant.

He is a #1 International Best Selling Author (Growth Hacking: Strategically Grow Your Business Connections from Zero to 10K in 365 Days), Marketing Strategist, C.E.O. of MNU e-learning and MNU Digital (Minneapolis Digital Marketing Agency).

As a business and marketing strategist, Jess is very passionate about his in-depth service offerings like finding businesses $50k in hidden revenue opportunities in under an hour.

Upon request, Jess coaches businesses to higher revenue, lead generation strategies, joint venture creation, unique proposition isolation, and implementations. Jess utilizes over 100 dynamic business strategies to cause mass growth in company sales and profits.

For those who are unable to work with Jess, he does offer an online version called the 52 Week Industry Domination Training. This program has been called “the most powerful and dynamic client attraction program ever created!”

It has been featured on places such as Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC. This indepth program will take you through some of the most powerful business fundamentals that are often missed and leads to most failings in business.

It continues on teaching proven advanced marketing skills and ultimately if implemented these skills will lead many businesses on to millions of dollars in revenue.

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