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Lead Qualification Services

Lead Qualification Services

One of the significant challenges of B2B business is getting leads. Marketers usually intend to fill the sales funnel with leads, and then make great marketing efforts until they find those prospects who are ready to do business. Unfortunately, only 5% of initial contacts are converted with this method, making the sales process inefficient.

The wise thing to do is to rely on a top-of-the-line lead qualification company like Prospect Hunter. When you outsource lead qualification to us, your sales team will be able to significantly increase their productivity, bringing your profitability to the top. You must understand our lead qualification process to get convinced that we are your best alternative in lead qualification services.

Top-5 FAQ About Prospect Hunter Lead Qualification Services

  1. What is Our Service?

Our sales lead selection process aims to determine which prospects meet your target customer profile. This allows you to increase the opportunities for your sales team, serving only people who are not only likely to convert but to establish a long-term business relationship. In a traditional sales process, salesforce lead qualifying takes up 85% of your salespeople's time, time that your salespeople will now use to generate revenue.

  1. Who Defines the Ideal Customer Profile?

When you hire us, we start with a thorough analysis of your company, your objectives, and your target markets. We take into account aspects such as your installed capacity and the projected sales you expect. This allows us to determine the ideal customer profile and lead qualification criteria. With this defined, we begin to generate the list of prospects, which will be analyzed and qualified before delivering them to your sales team.

  1. How Does Our Process Work?

Once the contact lists are generated, our team of specialists makes a series of calls, which will allow us to publicize your company and your service offer. A series of questions are also asked to determine the prospect's interest in your products or services. Another crucial point is to ensure that the person contacted is effectively the decision-maker, to increase the flow of your team's sales work. Finally, our qualification research seeks to establish if the interested client is financially and operationally prepared to do business.

  1. How Many Calls Are Made?

Every prospect is different, and there is no exact number of calls to establish if a company qualifies as your potential buyer. The advantage of having Prospect Hunter is that our prospecting team will make an unparalleled number of calls in the industry. Thanks to our Prospect connect team dialing methodology, our representatives can make 125 calls and hold 7-10 live conversations per hour, on average. This will allow for quick qualification and nurturing, and we will fill your funnel with qualified leads in no time.

  1. When Is A Lead Considered Qualified?

A lead is considered qualified when it meets the three premises established in our methodology. Once we find those decision-makers interested and ready to buy, it is time for nurturing to pave the way for your sales team to make a successful conversion process.

We Are the Best Among the Top Lead Generation Companies

If you want to boost your business with the best leads in the B2B world, you're in the right place. Prospect Hunter is Texas' premier demand generation company, and we are ready to lead you to success. Let our team of professionals help you achieve the profitability you expect. Contact us for a free digital marketing consultation.

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Lead Qualification Services
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